Mirrored Relationships

I’ve said this before. I bothered when people say they don’t ‘like’ someone. Typically its because of bad experiences or a bad first impression. Sometime its because they have just never gotten along or they don’t appreciate their personality. Here is something I’ve noticed.

**note** i don’t enjoy using the term ‘like’ here as if its a quick feeling, because I’m talking about a genuinely honest chosen feelings towards someone

Does anyone ever like someone (i’m not talking about the boy-girl kind of like) that doesn’t like them back? This is going to be half survey and have observation from what I’ve noticed in the past. Have you ever truly liked, enjoyed the company of someone where the feeling wasn’t mutual at all?

I think there is a direct relation with our feelings toward someone and their feelings toward us. The more people we don’t like. The more people that don’t like us. The more people we like. The more people like us. Subconsciously I think there is something about us that changes when we are in the presence of someone that we don’t like that gives off a bad vibe, and in return they eventually or right away will cease to like us. I think the opposite is also true though. If we truly appreciate people and enjoy them, almost always they will be the same for you.

I think we can control our reputations and our relationships for the good a lot more than we think we can. Too many of us walk around not liking and liking people and making ideals about them in our heads of who they are without ever getting to know them. We usually justify it because well they just don’t like us, but more than likely those feelings by them are caused by your dislike or judgement to them in the first place.

Next time you don’t like someone watch how quickly the same feelings are returned to you by that person. Also, watch how quickly when you like someone they start to appreciate you.

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