Updates and Links

A few good posts I’ve run across

A series on the bible, found through Transforming Sermons

Great post on defending emergent in regards to the “nailing jello on a wall” concept

Long article on the bible and how Gutengurg took it from us

I’m part of this NCAA pool. I don’t like basketball, playing or watching, let alone entering pools. The only reason i did was because I was hosting the bracket file for the tournament. Guess what place I’m in?

I’m done 30 of the 55 pages that I need to be done for April 4th. I finished one 30 minute presentation on Creation Science that I got an A in. That leaves me with 25 page (2 papers), 1 presentation left for school and then a whole lot more for the conference on April 08. My last exam is on the 11th. The church plant meeting in sarnia is on the 15th. Then my summer begins.

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