Reflected Pages

Joe made a post a few days ago about relating songs to periods of life. I also have done the same thing, especially with the more difficult times of life. Being around the atmosphere at the FRWY for the past few weeks has also enlightened me a lot to the arts. Photography, music, poems, paintings, drama, art and all sorts of creativity are expressed there and I am starting to see better the value of such things.

For instance, when someone is going through a rough period is the first thing that brings them comfort that sermon they remembered from way back when on three steps on how to get over a rock, or six steps on how to throw the mountain into the sea? No. More than likely it is one of two things that helps bring someone to a contemplative mode and help them re-evaluate what’s going on and bring them peace. There is a mystery about this, which I won’t even attempt to understand or explain. The first is relationships; we will always get this from the true relationships of the people around us. The second however is art. There is a number of times that I have gone through a rough period and all the advice in the world didn’t help even a little bit, but certain songs resonated with me on such a deep level. For me it’s music. For other’s it’s a painting. And still for others maybe its reading poetry. Sometimes I even write poetry, even though it is far from proper it helps me say something that sentences just cannot.

With this in mind, I’m going to start a new section on this blog. It’s going to be dedicated to all the arts that have had a significant part of my life with explanations. For me there will be a lot of music, but hopefully I’ll be able to expand that someday. I’m going to call it Reflected Pages. It sort of hinges on a few ideas. One that what we see now, especially the art, is a reflection (poor sometimes) of what is to come. (1 Corinthians 13:12). Two that since this blog is called based on a true story, and the church plant in Sarnia is called theStory, pages sort of represent the pages and contents of a story. This will help me keep track of the creative influence in my life and trace it in the future.

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