A Night with Great People

Last night we spent the night with David Fitch at the Resonate Echo event. It was an enjoyable night. I enjoy nights with ‘famous’ people because it always makes me realize over and over again that these ‘famous’ people are just regular people who say regular things and ask regular questions. David Fitch is an awesome guy. He is humble, full of questions and isn’t to quick to talk, has a good sense of humour and is very graceful in his presentation. I enjoyed my night with him, getting to know him and just watching how he interacted with people.

Last night was full of Free Methodists. Jared Siebert, Kim Reid, Joseph Moreau, Jordon Cooper, Dave Blondel and a few others were there like Darryl Dash and Tim Bailey and they were all in town for some event where you talk about church and hug each other. It is always encouraging to be around so many church planters and hear their stories and their troubles and listen to them talk about church planting. I learn more in a few hours with them than reading any book.

David Fitch went through his book and listed a few points. He answered a few questions and that was about it. Nothing fancy and nothing spectacular. He didn’t even have a light show. The best part was definitely just hanging out with all these church planters and listening to their stories. Jared was recording the evening so I’m sure the audio and video will be up soon, so I’ll be sure to link to it when it is.

My friend Chris Jardin who is beginning to think about church planting and who is interning at Third Space this summer also showed up. I love seeing all the different levels that people can be at when it comes to church planting. There are people like Chris who wants to do it and the dream is just being birthed. Then there is me who has got the place and the people and who is starting in a few months. Then there are those that have just started in the past year or so and still those who planted years ago and are there to help and encourage those that are coming from the start all over again. Chris is going to be an amazing church planter and I’m so excited to see what I see in his heart be put into the field.

My best friend since I was four and his wife, Phil and Steph Prendergast also showed up. I love those guys. It’s not to often you have your friends around from when you could barely talk. I actually just took over his office for a few days and I told him he could have my services for a few days while I work together his website and design some things for him. Guess it helps to have a designer as a best friend. It’s good to spend some time with him.

Overall it was an excellent night because of the atmosphere and all the networking that happened and I wouldn’t trade that ever to be disconnected sitting in a pew and listening to some guy that we paid 5000 bucks to talk sentences to us that we can read in his book.

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