The Music of a Break-Up

I’ve had about three real dating relationships in my life. One through my grade twelve year, one through my year off and I am in one right now that I’m not planning on leaving. This is a post that fits into the Reflected Pages category that I talked about a few posts back where I am talking about art forms that have impacted me.

With every relationship ending comes its share of heart aches. This isn’t just true of boy-girl relationships but with all relationships that come to a close. When my first girlfriend and I first broke up it was one of the worst periods of my life. After the break-up it turned out that her and my best friend started hooking up also. All is forgiven now and we can talk about it openly and there are no hard feelings between any of us. At the time though, I was a complete wreck. On top of all this, one of my good friends Phil was leaving to university. Joe was leaving Sarnia to go to Calgary. Dom was leaving in a few months. Darryl was also leaving in a few months. In a matter of 3 months I had lost the four closest people to me. It all came down on me at once and I wasn’t prepared to handle it.

A song by Stretch Arm Strong called When Sorrows Fall was able to reach somewhere that no words or hugs could. I’m not sure why, but it still to this day is one of my favourite songs. So when I was driving around by myself or sitting in my room I would play this song over and over again on repeat.

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it’s okay to say i love you
it’s okay for you to cry
the sorrow that you are feeling you should not deny
so why is it so trying to express the way i feel?
just one moment you steal
i still care and i still feel
time and again
it’s all too real
separate and detached
myself running from all the pain i felt
questioning the way I am and the things with which i’ve dealt
somewhere in the foothills of my mind
i know my ways just aren’t right
they’re not right
so i’ll shrug it off and wear a grin
i’ll carry on and just pretend
i still care
i still feel
time and again
it’s all too real

12 thoughts on “The Music of a Break-Up”

  1. It is always hard when a friend or girl friend leaves your relm of interaction. You invest so much into people, they take a piece of you and carry it around with them, and you carry a piece of them with you. Every time you make or lose a friend you become a different person then you were before. That time in your life must have been hard. I’m terrible for loosing track of good friends, there are so many people form high school and university that I miss and only see once and a while (if I’m lucky).

    I’m glad to be getting to know you though and the influence your friendship is having on me. Another friend and a little bit of another change in me.

  2. Rather good thing,but so profound, so tenderly melancholic. I got acquainted with their music very recently, but it can become an obsession Reply

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