The Phils

My friend Phil Prendergast, on his new blog, that I designed is posting often.

He just wrote a post on building relationships in a suburban church, it was good. Check it out here.

On another note. I grew up with a guy named Phil Adcock. I like Phils. We were great friends till about the end of high school then we stopped seeing as much of each other as life took a toll on both of us and made it difficult. He was a member of our band Unsung Hero for quite a while and really added a cool sound to it. Tonight I got to see him for the first time in probably over a year or so. He was on stage playing in another band. I was so proud. They were really good, I feel like i was watching an up and coming Stavesacre style band, and if that’s the case, sign me up. So it was good to see him again and watch his abilities on the guitar improve so much. I knew i recognized the last tune also, because he incorporated some of the stuff he wrote with us into his new band. It sounded great. The new band is called Out Alive (i don’t think there is anything on the site yet).

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