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Today I went to a church plant network meeting. There are church planters from all around that come together to encourage each other, challenge each other and hold each other accountable. It’s only been the fourth meeting so far and there is already about 30 people in about 20 different church plants/whatever we call them now that are involved in this network. We are taking on the label of Resonate Greenhouses working with Resonate which is a national conversation of people that like to talk about church and Jesus in a changing culture.

Resonate GreenhouseI like these network meetings. You here great stories about how people are doing some amazing things in their communities. For instance, my friend Tom Skerritt came to this one for the first time and he has been hanging out with some Sikhs that have very little knowledge in English. He is going through the bible with them and they are sharing their language and culture with him. It seems like quite a remarkable venture that he is involved in. This network wants to get behind people that are doing stuff like that and help support them in anyway that they can. Others come from hurting church backgrounds and have left their church and are planting new ones and still others are working in the confines of their church and wanting to start new ministries.

Resonate GreenhouseI love these network meetings. Everyone is concerned about each other and concerned about following Jesus. Everyone knows that they aren’t alone at these meetings even though most of them are going into areas where it feels alone. If you are starting a church or are interested in beginning or are already doing new forms of church then you need to be part of a network such as these. They are starting up all over Canada, and there are groups to get involved with all over Ontario, BC, Calgary, Quebec and lots of other places. If you want more information on where you could fit into a Resonate Greenhouse check out the newly formed website.

This is the kind of network that Joe, Darryl and I were talking about being part of and were glad that there is something like it to dive into and really be part of and for it to be part of us.

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