Where Laughter Builds Relationships

There is one thing I’ve noticed especially since I’ve been here in Hamilton lately and that is how much humour can change how someone feels. I think a lot of times we underrate humour as something childish or immature but I think that it has lasting effects on people. When you tell a joke and everyone laughs, or if you come up with a witty remark and you get a good hearty laugh from the gut from everyone around you; how great does that make you feel? Knowing that you can be the source of a few seconds of joy to someone is something that brightens your entire day.

Rachel, when she says something funny, and sees that I got a laugh out of it gets so excited that she made me laugh and that she was funny that her grin covers her entire face and she said ‘I am funny.’ This of course only makes me laugh more. Why is it that humour touches someone deeper than most things? Why when I say a good joke and people laugh at me, or I hear someone repeat my joke later because it was that good do I feel better about myself than if nothing happened at all? Why do I feel so refreshed after watching Will Ferrell or after spending a few hours with my roommates telling stories while we never stop laughing?

There is something about laughter; being the source of people’s laughter that resonates with us all. It’s something I don’t think we should take for granted either. When you are speaking to a group of people, starting off with some sort of humour is almost a guarantee to grab their attention. People connect when laughter happens. I think this is because laughter brings down walls. A lot of times humour makes light of things that should never be taken heavy. Humour relaxes our minds to not worry so much. Humour connects us with people in that state which brings us closer together.

Next time you get with a group of friends and you all start telling stories and laughing together, watch how much closer you will get to each other as opposed to you all being at a fancy meal making small talk and talking business. I would take 5 minutes of telling jokes with my friends over sitting through most sermons at church. I don’t say this because sermons aren’t necessary but because I think that laughter capitalizes on something that maybe a sermon should, but doesn’t. A connection. A relaxed atmosphere where no subject is too touchy. Where everyone is equal. This kind of laughter with each other builds the kind of relationships that communities should be made of.

2 thoughts on “Where Laughter Builds Relationships”

  1. I just said to a friend yesterday – I need to laugh more! And we talked about how important it is in a relationship. I echo your thoughts 100%!!

  2. So true, humor is God’s gift, enjoy and use it with care. I recall that Tommy spoke wisely of it:

    “It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.”
    –Thomas Aquinas

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