Links for August 02, 2006

EmergentNo from my understanding is a website dedicated to its title. They don’t like emerging type too much and like to whine about it a lot. They have some things to say about the Hive. The Hive is the FRWY community magazine that I designed this summer and also has one of my articles in it. They said that we use bad language. You can read the online edition here.
I had the honour and the privilage of emceeing Rachel’s sisters wedding this weekend. She tells about the weekend here. I also posted a whole crapload of pics here that I took at the wedding. My friend Maria also posted a few great pics here.
Craig Carter, a professor at Tyndale has a post here on the story where Gregory Boyd lost 1/5 of his congregation because he refused to conform and actually preached against many of the right-wing republicans. You can read about that story here.

4 thoughts on “Links for August 02, 2006”

  1. Is it wrong that after spending just 3 minutes reading Carla’s blog that I began getting angry? Thoughts along the lines of ‘pharisee’ and ‘legalism’ flooded my mind. Blargh…must go repent, because that’s what Carla would do.

  2. I really love how “filthy” or “corrupt” communication is instantly associated with swear words in some people’s minds. What about gossip? What about cutting someone down just to feel better about yourself? Those are far more corrupt to me than “cussing” ever will be.

    This is especially funny because really, cussing is one of those cultural phenomena that is so transitory. “Fanny” is a rather nasty word in Ireland apparently. Should that preclude me from using it? Cussing is an entirely contextual issue – one man’s cuss may mean nothing to the other. On the other hand, the insidious universal nature of something like gossip or slander makes me think that those are the greater threats.

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