Links for August 25, 2006

I just absolutly love this title “How then Shall We Kill,” it is loaded with meaning that I love. dCOMPOSE has three posts on the death penalty with this title. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Hunger for Justice has a small, but important post, on politics and the religious right in regards to Focus on the Family.
Shawn Anthony posts some definitions. Special note to the definitions of heresy and heretic. I don’t think I’ve heard that before, so either we are completely misusing the word heretic, or we are all heretics.
Humanist.org shares a little about the Plan B drug and the cut off age before you need a subscription. Dave Lowitzki also has a few things to say about it and links to a few other good posts disussing this topic.
There is a new blogger out, and he’s posting questions and hoping to start a little dialogue on his site. For those of you that enjoy the hard questions, and being able to question without penalty than this might be the site for you. Eternal Dialogue
Google has two tools that I have been finding very useful over the last little while. Imagine Excel and Word over a network, but that network is the internet. It is a great way to share documents, spreadsheets (contact lists anyone?), with friends or business partners. Writely is the Word type program and Google Spreadsheets is the Excel like program.
Joe talks a little about his experiences over the last week with theStory

BBQ and about his mega-church withdrawl.
I catch myself trying to impress others and convince them that what we’re upto with theStory will be great, cool, blah blah blah…all the while I’m supressing the voice inside of me from screaming outloud for all to hear “I used to be good! Once upon a time I did this, accomplished that…really, it’s true.” I’m so embarrassed. God forgive me. Do with me and theStory as you wish.

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