An Hour and A Bit

It is 9:46, and in an hour and a bit, theStory begins. So much time, energy, dreaming, upsets and excitement has gone into what is starting in an hour and a bit. For over four years now, I have been saying that I was coming back to Sarnia to plant a church. I didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t know that people planted churches. I didn’t have an education. No one (that I knew) was sold out to the idea.

Since then, God has completely taken over any ideas of what I had for this church and turned them on their head. God has gone ahead of me and anything that I thought I could handle he just laughed at me and then said let me handle it. Really, God has been teaching me that if I am going to do this, I’m going to do it his way and I’m not planting ‘a church,’ but I’m helping expand ‘the church.’

For five years I have watched God move to make this come together and now, an hour before it all comes together, here I am, nervous as hell and not having a clue what is going to happen. I have watched God lay the same desires to plant a church on my two closest friends, completely separate from my own desires. I have watched God set us up with some of the greatest friends all over Ontario who are doing similar things that have given us the utmost support. I have watched God set us up with the Free Methodist church who have been beyond supportive and who are behind the mission and vision of where we want to go. I have watched God give us a venue and access to a building that is barely a few dollars a week in the downtown core (where we wanted to be). I have watched God place the most wonderful girl in the world in my life who is actually supportive of what is going on. The things are endless and now here we are an hour and a bit before it all goes public and get vulnerable and actually try to do this.

I can’t believe it’s actually here. I can’t believe I’m planting a church. God help us be like Jesus. Help us be the church that represents Jesus’ body well. Keep us selfless and focused on you and the goals that you give to us and not ourselves and making ourselves happy.

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  1. You have been in my thoughts and prayers this morning. I know that you are following what God wants you to do and I know you will be blessed to watch it all unfold. Keep us updated as to what is happening.

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