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Links for October 27, 2006

October 27, 2006

I have an article featured on Next-Wave for Octobers issue. I should have linked to this before, but I forgot, so check it out while its still on the main page. It’s called Paying to Follow Christ.
Dan Kimball’s thoughts…

In a small church, the “pastor” is slave to the people and their opinions of how things should be done, does most of the chores and jobs around the church and is on call at any time day or night for the people.
In a large church, the “pastor” is king of the people, and comes out once a week on Sunday to give a mesmerizing speech which woos the people and then he disappears for another week.

Pernell shares a letter he got in his inbox. These letter are depressing. All I have to say is “Where in Scriptures did you read Jesus teaching His disciples where does it say in the scriptures “Go ye therefore to all the world, writing long, demeaning and judgemental emails to people you don’t know and refuse to get to know?”
Firefox 2 is now out. Upgrade now.
Jim Wallis tells some students “that any gospel that wasn’t good news to the poor simply wasn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ.”