Diseases I’ve Given Rachel

I’ve only been dating Rachel for 15 months and already I’ve managed to give her.

1. Mono
2. Lice
3. Norwalk

Honestly, maybe I’m just an easily infected person, or maybe the jokes about my lack of showering have some sway, or maybe this is God’s way of testing our relationship. Just to ease everyone’s eeriness of the situation.

1. Mono (I’m pretty sure I contracted it through my friend across the street when living at Tyndale)
2. Lice (I got this from the kids at a day camp in the summer, you gotta love it, we had a good laugh about that one, and I think Pernell still hurts himself laughing when he thinks about me getting lice.)
3. Norwalk (Here I am being a great roommate cleaning up my roommates puke cause he got sick only to find its a highly contagious disease and then having a girlfriend who just loves to take care of you when your sick with this highly contagious disease just adds to the situation.)

I write the explanations to rest anyone’s suspicions that these diseases did not somehow creatio ex nihil in my body.
At least I’ve almost got her for good now; wedding is less than four months.

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