Canadian Church Documentary

So as if I don’t have enough on my plate. I’m embarking in an adventure with Joe, Jared and Pernell to make a documentary on the church planting life here in Canada. Our plan is to travel across the country and video tape creative and unique expressions of the church in Canada, the people and their leaders. We started up a small site here just to keep everyone filled in on the progress and the development of the project. We are thinking at least a year span of time will go into this, so we are taking it slow but I think there is a lot of potential with this.

I remember when Darryl and I first started meeting the different church planters in Ontario. It was revolutionary for us to know that there was people out there that were doing what we wanted to do, and we thought we were the only ones. To know we were not alone was one of the best encouragements we could have had at that point and now to be in relationship with those guys is even better. We hope to do the same with this video. Give those in Canada an idea of what’s out there to encourage you and to help spread your network so we can work together for the Kingdom.

So keep an eye on the site, add it to your blog reader and we’ll be updating it as we go along. If you know of any churches or ideas for the filming that would be good for this project, let Joe know on the site.

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  1. if you guys are coming to winnipeg, you should look into FaithWorks. it’s the church Lauren and I have been going to, a 5 year old church plant that is the most genuine church community I have ever been a part of.

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