Links for February 09, 2007

Again, I’m loving CBC Radio 1. Here is an interview of someone critiquing the religious right and their strive for political power (scroll down and listen to part 3, its the first section). Here is a snippet from the intro.

“Many people have decried the political power that has come with that growth, saying it gives conservative Christians a disproportionate influence on public life. But my next guest says there’s a bigger problem. He says a significant number of Christian conservatives are out for nothing short of theocratic rule and aren’t shy about using tactics with fascist overtones in order to get it.”

A church for the homeless, in of course….not a building or a home. (ht)
I’m becoming sick of Mac marketing, mostly because its not true.

A new short film site to check out (ht)
Should you feel guilty?
I’m with Jeremy on this. Embarrassed. This is brutal clip and is ephed right up. Sounds like a good bunch of solid Jesus loving people having a conversation about loving God and their neighbours. A quote as a teaser.

“Europe is becoming Islamist, its fast falling and intolerance is increasing. That’s the one reason our country is not becoming like Europe because we have strong Christians and atheists are not strong and I think that’s a good thing.”

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