In Philadelphia

So here we are in Philadelphia.
It was a long hall, about 10 hours total of driving.
I should clarify from my last post, I said we were going to stay at the Simple Way, but by that I just meant hang out there when we could. Rachel and I just wanted to get an idea of what they are up to, ask questions and help out wherever we would be needed. So we are hopefully going to go by there tomorrow and see what’s going on, waiting for a phone call back tonight.

Rachel and I went to one of Chris’s classes today, and it was awesome. It was a class on economics from a biblical perspective. In this class we met all his classmates, his fun teacher and learned a thing or two about economics, which I must admit, I am not very educated in it. A few things have stuck out to me so far.

* The drive here on the 476 was beautiful. Lots of hills and small mountains, windmills, ice…it was enjoyable to drive through. It beats the scenery of the 401.

* It was so encouraging to see 15 people, all around my age and a majority of them women so extremely interested in social justice from an international perspective. To watch their passion mix with their education was amazing to see and it was even better hearing them say things like “so when we are in this country” (speaking of some developing country) it just made me excited for the things that God is going to do in their lives. Fifteen young people, getting a Masters in International Development all bringing forward the Kingdom of God is just an amazing sight.

* In the class today the professor spoke a lot about the differences between macro economics and micro and how the differences between them are vast but they are still very connected. In many ways I feel like that is where my struggle is right now on what I want to focus my life on. The macro life or the micro ones, in many ways I feel equipped to speak into and change entire pictures, yet at the same time the best work can be done through micro situations. Basically the way I understood this, is if I think that poverty is a problem in Sarnia. I can run for office and change it from that perspective, or I can take care of those that are the victims of this system. Both are valuable, but I don’t know where I should go, I think Jesus chose the micro route but somehow affected the macro route while doing it, it’s one of the reasons his life is so amazing. Anyway, definitely more to come on this.

4 thoughts on “In Philadelphia”

  1. cool stuff. I’m a big fan of micro-economics and think everyone should take it.

    Hope your visit to the Simple Way goes well. Say hi to Rose, amber and justin for me.

  2. In many ways I feel like that is where my struggle is right now on what I want to focus my life on.

    You know, I feel the need to respond to this because, frankly, it looks as if we’re taking similar journeys. However, I’m not quite sure what to say, so I’ll merely drop this quote in the hopes that you’ll appreciate it as much as I have:

    “Man can withstand anything, except a succession of ordinary days” — Goethe

    Looking forward to your future posts on this.

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