Links for April 15, 2007

My mom is one of my best fans for this blog. She is running in a bike ride and actually turned down going to Europe for this bike ride (why I’ll never understand) so it means a lot to her. She wanted me to mention something on this site that you can give her money online to help support MS. So if you want to help her out, click here and send a few bucks her way.
Testosterone Theology: Men-Only Church Meets in Gym. Oh dear. (ht)
Christianity and Capitalism Part II: Imagining more than a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. I like where Dan is going with this post and am looking forward to his next where he actually tried to establish an alternative to capitalism.

Therefore, the crisis that we face is not only one of imagination, it is also one of willing. Christians in the West have become far too comfortable within the structures of capitalism (after all, the wolf prefers to eat people overseas and not the wonderful people in my neighbourhood — or so it seems) and, consequently, have imaginations that have run dry. We will begin to be able to imagine economic alternatives to capitalism when we begin to embody economic alternatives to capitalism.

Jeffrey Sachs argues that the world faces challenges on an unprecedented scale – global warming, terrorism, poverty, disease and bad governance. Check out the podcast here (ht)
A great illustration of today’s culture.

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