Links for October 28, 2007

Joe, Jared and I are back from our new forms of church documentary tour around Ontario. It was a great time. You can read about it here and all the stops and churches we interviewed.
Hoarding your books is consumerism too. These are the kind of thoughts that lead me to start Atic with theStory.
This was creative I thought. (ht)
The God’s Aren’t Angry Tour. Looks like I’m going. If your interested we’re going on Dec 02, so let me know and we can all car pool.
My favourite radio station, CBC Radio 1, just did a show on How to Read the Bible. Found it interesting from a notational radio show. “The Bible is too important to leave to just believers.” That’s a friggin good line though.
Willow Creek admits to getting it wrong. Pretty big of them I think. Though they probably didn’t need to go and make a Nooma film about it :) Just Kidding.

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  1. Are folks receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through any of those church plants Nathan? Can you talk about that at all?



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