Where I’ve Been

I haven’t posted a thing in the last few weeks, and here is why (and it’s not because I’m giving up on blogging forever like some people.)

1. We got a new building(s) for theStory that we have signed a two year lease with the option to buy after a year using our payments that year as a down payment. The buildings are beautiful, there is one dedicated specifically for the children also, so we are excited about that. I am also going to move my office into the building to get out of my basement and hopefully regulate some of my hours. We have started the move in process and last week was our first Sunday there. I’ll post more info and pictures next week.

2. We are going to Ottawa this week and Joe is presenting bits and pieces of the documentary. Video editing (especially 20 hours of tape) is the most tedious process ever known to man. Mind you I’m not editing at all, I have just been on 24/7 (literally) call over the last week to help Joe work through all his Mac problems.

3. I’m trying to get a column in the local paper so I spent some time writing some sample columns to the editor, we’ll see how that goes.

4. My computer has been doing weird things lately and my camera broke. The two things that I use the most in the world. This little mirror piece fell right off inside the body of the camera which apparently is an important piece because it doesn’t take pics without it in. I am running RAID with my data drives now to prevent data loss and my motherboard doesn’t like it too much. All these signs point me to the reality that I might need to get new equipment soon.

All these factors have caused me to be a blogging slacker. But I will be back on soon enough, because my mind has been racing lately and I’ve got a lot of questions to tackle.

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