Two of my friends and respected bloggers have decided that blogging isn’t for them, or they are tired of it or whatever other reason they came out with. I write this because I think they will both come back one day but they are trying to go against the grain and make a stand and say NO MORE BLOGGING. My friends are strong. And now that I have written this post they will really have to suck up their pride when the revive their blogs (because we all know they will) because here is solid evidence that they took it off. So Pernell and Joe, Rest in Peace for the short time that you will be offline. I see Joe every day, so I guess Pernell you’ll have to call me once a week to update me on your life. Sometimes I feel like this blog is done with how much I get to post, but I have my up and down moments, I’m sure some more up moments will come soon.

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