Shameless Updates

Things have been moving quite quickly here in Sarnia lately. It explains why I haven’t been posting as much as I want and why when I do post it from what I prepared for somewhere else. Here is an update on where my time has been which may or may not effect you.

Rachel and I are now officially homeowners. I did some posts a while back on what I thought I should do, stay renting or get a mortgage and I guess we all know what we decided. Below is a picture of the house we are moving to at the end of the month.
The New House
The house is everything we wanted. It’s only a few blocks from where we are now. Closer to the elementary school, across the street from the Inn of the Good Shepherd, and a bit closer to Rachel’s work.
Epiphaneia has announced that we are skipping year 2008 and not doing a conference. But next year we are already well on our way. We have some speakers confirmed (which is top secret right now) and will be revealing them soon. March 21, 2009 is the date to book in your calendars. This is going to be a big one.
Ugly Lights, the movie that I am working on with some friends is coming together. The filming is all done and the editing process is well on their way. Check out the trailers below. We are hoping to premiere it the end of May at Imperial Theatre here in Sarnia. I edited the second trailer.
My dad is starting up a port-potty business and I’m trying to help him brand it and get it off it’s feet. The website is here and you can see the logo; it’s called Sarnia Sanitation. If you are in the area and you need portable toilets, let me know and I’ll get you a great deal.
I’m reading this book right now. I can’t help but look at my neighbours (usa) and my own country entirely different.
Remember when we ran that Sarnia Short Film Festival a while back? Well the local TV station did a 30 minute show of the top films with Joe and I introducing each one. We are now local TV stars that make it on TV a couple times a week when the ratings are at their best.
Rachel and I are going to South Africa in August for a month, and we are trying to raise some funds to help us get there. If you can spare any extra money or if you didn’t tithe this week and feel guilty, we’d love any donation. You can send it to [email protected], and if you want a tax receipt, e-mail me: and I’ll fill you in on how it works.

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  1. Congratulations on your house! It looks amazing. Sounds like you have been up to some pretty interesting things….should I have doubted that?? Hope you and Rachel are doing well. Miss you guys!

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