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My blog is just taking a hit lately. I find myself thinking and struggling like never before but just not the time to get it all out there. I’m not shutting it down, and hopefully I can get more frequent on this soon, but for now here is some of the stuff I’m reading that has got me thinking and taking up my time. I may or may not be working on a brand new design for this site. I also may or may not be thinking of compiling all these posts and publishing it into a book. Figure its the easiest way to write a book, as opposed to making up all new content.

Dan has always been one of my favourite bloggers. This post is called Gay Marriage — Why Arguments based upon the ‘Order of Creation’ in Gen 1-2 are Faulty. Wow, a whole lot to chew on for those that are seriously struggling with how to approach this issue. A quote from the post:

Thus, I believe that gay marriages should be blessed by the Church. A creative, and good, innovation.

Tonight we held a bowling fundraiser here in Sarnia to start raising money for our trip to Africa and raised $1400. Thanks to all who showed up and supported us. Still to come…an awesome concert and Rock Paper Scissors tournament.
I designed a new site for Thinker Labs…hopefully we can get more on a role to get all our creative sources on their for people to use.
I just finished Shock Doctrine. Wow. Now I’m on to this.
Joe and I are doing a Documentary TV Show on the local channel in Sarnia for this coming Fall. We will be interviewing locals and talking about whatever is interesting. We’ll make them all available online also if we are allowed. Looks like Joe is going to be famous again.
Rachel and I bought an E-bike. It’s like a moped, but its all electric. You don’t need a license or to get it insured. It goes 32km/h and one charge will last about 70km. It’s perfect for the summer in Sarnia, and gas sucks. I have turned so many heads riding it for only a week, that I’m thinking I should start selling them myself.

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  1. sweet. what ebike did you get? i like the killer names: spartan, gladiator, monsoon…but seriously, sunrise? dalton? what kind of names are those?

    hope all is well in sarnia with theStory and the like.



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