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This is just wild. (ht) It’s like Jesus is saying “hey, look I know it’s supposed to cost you something to go where no one else will go, but here I’ll make it easy for you, I won’t make it cost you anything out of your pocket, just give up your life and go here, you don’t have to pay a dime” and yet, we’ll never go. We like when it costs us lots of money but nothing of our lives cause then we trick ourselves into believing that we are somehow sacrificing something.

New aggregator of sorts for posts about being missional.

I would go here just for the fun of it.

Good post and I totally understand he says, “Apparently, Christian bookstores want you to buy The Shack, but they don’t want you to “buy” The Shack, if you know what I mean. You know, like, please only “buy” it in the give-me-some-money sense.” Like seriously, I can’t stand that shit, I can’t believe a Christian bookstore would sell something they don’t believe in. How lost have we become when we start up a store to separate the good from bad so we can sell the good but then when we realize that the semi-bad makes money we can somehow settle our conscience with a sticker?

New song, good lyrics

Been listening to The Album Leaf, Band of Horses and Jeniferever lately, all new bands for me and they are awesome.

Installed this app on my G1 and it worked….guess I don’t need a blue tooth remote for Powerpoints anymore.

Tickets are on sale for the Evolving Church Conference in Oakville, Ontario, early bird rate ends soon so make sure you get your tickets.

Porn Industry Seeks Federal Bailout (ht joe)

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