Links for February 3, 2009

The price of experience. Really interesting observation.

New church downtown Toronto

If you are in Toronto on Feb 15, make sure you go to Love Comes Down. Click for more info. Lon is a cool guy that is really doing some great things in the Toronto area.

Offset your emissions. It sucks that once again money is the answer to everything. But if you insist on releasing that much emissions into the air on a yearly difference than you can AT LEAST try to offset it. With my car (well close enough, it didn’t have my old car listed) I could offset my emissions for driving for $186 a year. It’s a cool system and at least helps you evaluate and understand the costs of doing things we don’t really think about.

1981, before the internet….check this video out.

Cheap photobooks of your facebook photos

How Dan understands the Bible. Sounds about right where I am, but way more intense and a much better explanation. I did a long series on the Bible a few years back when I was at Tyndale and wrestling through what it was supposed to mean.

Looks like some folks will be at Cultivate this year on May 16, 2009 like Jordon from Saskatchewan and Steve from New Zealand. I usually make it to these gatherings, or at least I try to.

This month we have a party challenge for those of us at theStory. Basically its working in conjunction with the parables of the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep and the Two Lost Sons that we are studying this month.

A cool stop motion

Watched the movie called For the Bible Tells Me So. It was great.

Google’s task list in Gmail Labs is now on the G1 (and the Iphone)

The XXX Church guys are planting a church in Las Vegas. Nice work boys. I love their unique and always needed approach to the gospel.

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