Driving on City Sidewalks on Relevant

Driving on City Sidewalks. My favourite band. Two of my best friends. The brilliant musicians behind the soundtrack of One Size Fits All? and their EP Where Angels Crowd to Listen got on the frontpage of Relevant today. Pretty cool step for them. You can read the article here.

It was during the film Friday Night Lights-or at least the theme music. In that moment, the door opened for Barry Mielke to the world of post-rock via the beautiful builds and swells of Explosions in the Sky. Since then, Mielke and band mate Darryl Silvestri have slowly been developing their sound and audience for Driving on City Sidewalks. With a label home in tact and their first documentary score behind them, it seems the platform only gets larger from here for the Michigan-based band.

RELEVANT recently caught up with Mielke to discuss the band’s beginnings and future-and how exactly you convey a message without any lyrics.

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