Sarnia Downtown Re-Opening Party

I’m sitting on my computer right now at theStory’s space and outside the window there is about 1000 people listening to a band, there is a drinking area, art exhibitions everywhere and First Friday is in full motion. It’s great. I love being a local community planted right in the middle of everything. I’ve had great conversations with so many people throughout the night. The community was all here playing board games and Wii and hanging out and the bands are using our space as a green room. I love when people get a taste of a cultural district, I just hope they start to see the value in a downtown like this and start to support it.

The party is in celebration of the re-opening of downtown after a two summer long construction project of Christina street. It’s been right in front of us since the beginning of last summer and we are excited to have it gone and be able to park in front of our space again, and actually walk directly across the street to see our neighbours.  I’m just so happy, it feels great to see downtown doing well.

Sarnia Downtown Party 1

Sarnia Downtown Party 2

Sarnia Downtown Party 3

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