The Balloon and Catching the World’s Attention

While not the point, this is particularly relevant to us in Sarnia, including myself, in regards to the Moon the Balloon protest.  It’s a great comic that helps show the ridiculousness of the value we put on the things we think and care about.


1 thought on “The Balloon and Catching the World’s Attention”

  1. This is such a lame argument.
    Are you saying that because there are people that are worse off than we, that all news is not pertinent?

    The news industry is interested in making money and not curing world hunger. Can you fault the news company?

    I have worries going on in my own life, like my home reno for instance. Its taking up alot of my time, probably more time than I’ve spent in my life thinking about or partaking in ending world hunger, does that make my reno wrong… or that I shouldn’t be doing it?

    Whats annoying about people (Nathan) pointing out our “selfish downfalls” with a post like this is that its accomplishing the same thing as such stories as the “hot air balloon” incident. That is its just entertaining us further with pointless news and information that no one will act on or care for.

    Why waste our/your time writing this when you could just go and cure world hunger? Oh wait, you/we cant cure world hunger.

    PS – Love your new disclaimer I mean snip it describing what your blog is about. haha

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