Jay Bakker Quiets a Church over Homosexuality

I found this video on Stupid Church People, this was just kind of crazy.  I don’t even know what to make of it.  I don’t know if Bakker should have been there spreading this agenda, and I don’t know what the response was to him after the message.  I hope it was still loving and non-judgmental, I really do.  Again, one thing that I am frustrated the most about with this debate is the inability of either side being able to be graceful with the other.  This video is kinda nuts.

7 thoughts on “Jay Bakker Quiets a Church over Homosexuality”

  1. one does wonder whether this actually would have opened fruitful conversation about justice, about discipleship, about mission …… or just shut down conversation further …. i wish we knew the follow up …..
    the advocacy that refuses to be silent must also be discerning and loving and help the Body to wrestle and to grow ….. i sure hope that jay stuck around long enough for some of that to happen

  2. Sorry, but why is it that when people talk about gay marriage, they are said to be “spreading” an “agenda”? If he was talking about proclaiming the forgiveness of sins, justification by faith, or whatever else, would we employ “agenda” language?

  3. I don’t necessarily mean agenda as a negative thing. But this is obviously one of Jay Bakker’s major deals. When he goes places and talks to people, this is his one main topic; the fact that he is now “pro-gay-marriage.” This isn’t biblical language even, this is a term that we/he made up and uses to take a side on an issue. So with that, I would call that an “agenda” or a “mission” or whatever. And yes, when I go to speak somewhere about whatever topic, I go with an agenda to speak on that issue. My question is really, should he really have gone there with the intent to speak about that issue the way he did. I don’t know the circumstance or even the story behind it so I don’t really know. But if I was to speak at my church and build my message to a point where I said “i recently came out as pro gay marriage” I’m sure I would have the same reaction, I am just still wrestling with the idea of there is a better way to approach the issue.

  4. Ouuu this was painfully awkward, not executed well at all. He needs more of a build rather than BAM this is my opinion…instead maybe he could talk about how evangelical Christians judge others too quickley when their values and life styles don’t align with their own or why are some Christians so against allowing two people who are dedicated to committing themselves to each other in a lawful marraige frowned upon etc etc. The intent is very good its just the way it was gone about that could have been done better.

  5. This video is such a joke. Jay Bakker does not present any biblical evidence but preaches from the personal experience of his friend’s persecution by Christians. Granted that he does have a point that followers of Christ fail to show love, justice, and grace. However an agruement that is purely existential is no arguement at all. I would much rather him try to expound on scripture to prove his point than to misquote Martin Luther King Jr. and cry that his friends are not being supported by Christians who have a hard time supporting a position that is clearly condoned by scripture. I would appreciate if more Christians would practice the grace and love of Christ towards the homosexual community. It is possible to love an individual and not condone the lifestyle choice. This is to say that when a christian organization stands firm in its conviction that homosexuality is wrong they cannot be accused of hatred, slander.. etc. or else we are presented with a double standard and an infringement on religious freedom. I would also like to comment that Christians are not the only religion actively disagree’s with the homesexuality. The following religious movements also condemn homosexuality yet are rarely attacked by pro-gay marriage advocates. : Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, Judism, and Mormonism. Without giving the appearence of name droping to cite my argument, I would still ask as to what credible biblical evidence has been presented to validate the idea of the church supporting homosexuality?

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