Funny Christian Videos That Are Actually For Real

Dan and I have stumbled across a few videos lately that at a first watching thought we were watching a joke. To our dismay, we found out they were real; as in these people were not intending for this to be funny, which of course only makes these videos so much better. I warn you, these people are 100% serious; so enjoy the seriously awesomeness of these amazing videos.

6 thoughts on “Funny Christian Videos That Are Actually For Real”

  1. Simple spelling GOD same word backwards DOG. Thanks alot now that song is going to be in my head for another full day.
    Amen Bow wow

  2. I feel like the Christian Side Hug could have easily been at ATF or some other teen conference like that. And kids would totally take it very seriously and not hug people for a good portion of their life and miss out. They also would probably condemn others who do front hug. yikes!

    The others are just silly.

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