Who Said It – My First IPhone App

I love technology and dipping my hand into whatever I can.  With the IPhone taking the mobile world by storm I just couldn’t help but try to get in on the action.  So after lots of random brainstorm sessions and lots of bad ideas, we came up with one that I thought had potential.  So I brought on a developer and a few investors and put together my first IPhone app.  It’s called Who Said It.  The app accesses a database of voice recordings where it is your job to guess the age and gender of the person you are listening to.  You can also add your voice to the database.  We are still working out some bugs and such, but it’s officially in the App store now and available for download.  Here is the official description.

You can tell a lot from a person’s voice…or can you? “Who Said It?” will challenge your ears and provide the perfect distraction while you’re supposed to be doing something worthwhile and constructive.  It’s easy: Hit the ‘Play’ button, listen, guess the age and gender then hit ‘Submit’ to see how well you can read people just from hearing a ten second voice clip. Then, for even more fun, record your own voice, enter in your stats, and now you’re part of the world’s best voice recognition game!In addition, there’s a point and ranking system that will keep you coming back to put your skills up against the world’s.

We put together a little commercial too.


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