Samuel Lukhele from Swaziland

Rachel and I spent a few weeks in Swaziland a few years ago with the Lukhele family.  Samuel stole all of our hearts as soon as we met him.  I wrote about some of his quotes back when we were there.  He asked so many questions about the most ridiculous things because he was so curious about the world, and this was at his old age.  It was beautiful.  He knew how to care and he knew how to rest.  I just remember watching him sitting on his chair and enjoying life, I loved watching him so much I just couldn’t stop taking his picture.  At one point, as I was reaching my limits of physical exhaustion after five minutes of digging a hole he told me to stop because “there is no need to die today.”  Samuel’s physical body died this week.  May God be with your family and all those who will miss you from day to day.

samuel 3

samuel 1

samuel 2


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