Sarnia Police Can Stop Being Rude Now – A Letter to the Editor

A letter I wrote in the local paper about the unnecessary rudeness of the Sarnia police force in dealing with traffic crimes.

Sir: Recently a friend was pulled over by the police because he didn’t have a bell on his bike. Fair enough. He should have had a bell on his bike. However this is yet another example that I’ve heard of or seen myself over the last number of years of police being unnecessarily rude.

I get that the police and border guards are trained to be intimidating and authoritative, but is this really necessary in every single interaction that they have? Why can’t police officers just be graceful and kind instead of instantly putting on the “I’m in a place of power over you” hat. They are not making any friends and they are not keeping peace. They aren’t making people feel safe and they are perpetuating a system of distrust towards our officers that is already flimsy.

If they are pulling me over for a speeding ticket, or God forbid not having a bell on my bike, even if you have to give me a ticket, they need to take a deep breath and remember that we are both human and that they don’t have to go on such a power trip just to make sure I know who’s in charge and that I did something wrong. Everyone is aware that the guys in the police cars and wearing uniforms are the police, they don’t have to be rude and condescending just to make a point and fish for a reaction.

3 thoughts on “Sarnia Police Can Stop Being Rude Now – A Letter to the Editor”

  1. What did they do to be rude?
    I completely agree they don’t need to assert themselves in peaceful situations. It takes away trust that should be there instead of fear. Maybe this will start a transition.

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