Travel Credit Card Comparison in Canada (TD VS SCOTIA)

My wife and I have had the luxury of traveling quite a bit over the last few years and a lot of that is thanks to our TD Infinite Visa. I did a bunch of research before we went in this direction and decided that this VISA was our best bet for points earned and what they were worth. Sitting in a Scotia Bank meeting the other day for our company and having their staff explain to me how their point system works and how their credit card is the best for the points that you will get from it. She was convinced and argued me quite a bit and well, she was wrong. There manager even started writing it all down and tried to prove to me with numbers that Scotia was better. She was outright convinced that whatever she was told in training (mainly that they had the best) was right without actually doing the research. So a little math for everyone to see the TD Visa Infinite is actually quite a bit better than the Scotia Passport. So for all those that want a credit card that gives you the best rewards, here is the breakdown.


ScotiaGold Passport (link)

You earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent

5,000 points has a cash equivalent of $50.00

1% – is the total amount of cash equivalent you receive back on your purchases


TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite (link)

You earn 3 points for every $1.00 spent

10,000 points has a cash equivalent of $50.00

1.5% – is the total amount of cash equivalent you receive back on your purchases


50% more with TD Infinite Visa. Awesome. Guess I’m sticking with TD.

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