My Favourite Reads of 2012

I don’t read nearly as much as I should. But in no specific order.

Debt by David Graeber – This book blew my mind. It is a history about money and economics and how it all goes back to debt. It talks about values and language and what drives our passions. It was quite a history lesson mixed with a whole lot of anthropology. Hearing an anarchist talk about Christian history with money was the most fascinating part of all. It’s worth reading and it will inform you greatly about how integrated our culture and most cultures are into the language and values of money and debt.

Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate by Terry Eagleton – A friend of mine and myself have been discussing quite a bit about atheism and theism. As he finds more and more similarity with the New atheist crowd and their authors I have been looking for good commentaries on the whole debate. This book is a lecture made into a book later. The first chapter alone stands out for me as a brilliant explanation of the Christian faith, one that many Christians could barely understand let alone explain. Reading this gave me hope still in the Christian Faith and helped shed more light into the arguments of the new atheists.

Allah: A Christian Response by Miroslav Volf – A little too over the top theological for me, but it gave me what I feel a very helpful foundation for understanding one of the largest faiths in the world. The typical response to things we don’t understand is fear and ridicule, and this book tried to cut to the heart of their faith and show that Muslims really aren’t all that different than we Christians.

The Last Psychiatrist– I just can’t get enough of this blog. He’s crude and arrogant but he’s brilliant and gives fascinating perspectives on all sorts of common and uncommon situations.

Patrol Magazine – A few smart guys keep this blog going and I find myself following and enjoying almost all their recommendations. I think with them I’ve found some sort of comradery and I keep going back for more.

First Things – Whenever I need to do some research on some sort of topic, I got to this website first. It is packed with wisdom and academics and I’ve found some of the most challenging and informative articles throughout this site.

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