Bake Sale To Solve World Hunger

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This week for First Friday downtown Sarnia we are putting together our first ever Bake Sale To Solve World Hunger. We’ll have tons of tasty treats for sale from our very own in house baker and they will only be $0.25 each! We will keep track of how our proceeds are doing live on a website while contrasting the total with the total world debt and display it on the wall behind us. If you buy a treat you will also get one of the postcards below.




As people walked by I always said “Can I interest you in some baked goods so we can solve world hunger?”

Some Great Results and Responses

50 people completely ignored us
300 people acknowledged us but refused
90 people made a donation and took a baked good
9 people only donated but didn’t want any baked goods
34 people had a baked good and didn’t make a donation
15 people acknowledged that they knew what our angle was
15 people tried to pay but we told them not too
95 of the people that acknowledged us told us they had already ate and were stuffed
2 people said “good for you”
1 person said “not tonight”
1 person said they were in a “super hurry”
6 people asked how this solved world hunger.
1 person said “you are killing me”
1 person said they had severe allergies
1 person made a donation and gave a baked good to their dog
1 person was a street preacher who donated
1 person just shrugged
2 people said to send the food and the money to people who need it
2 people said “we’ll end violence you end hunger” (they were from women against violence against women)
1 person gave us a coupon

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