Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney ,The News and What’s Important

The first time I heard of Clooney/Alamuddin wedding – it was in a coffee shop in Toronto, and I was scrolling through the newspaper (I believe it was the Toronto Star). I started laughing and read the photo caption because it read something like “George Clooney marries Lebanese-born Brit.” Of course, my feminist wife (who has a name and it’s Rachel!!!!) raged. I have searched endlessly for the caption because it is in print (if anyone finds it, send it over). It was quite fascinating to see such an appalling description as if the only reason this person was important was because of who she was marrying.

Daniel showed me this title of another news article the next day: “World famous human rights lawyer marries star of Spy Kids 3-D.” I read that article almost entirely through before I realized it had anything to do with George Clooney. I think it’s safe to guess that the article was doing its best to bring some balance to the announcement and offer some ridicule.

It is fascinating how news is written. Well it’s fascinating that this is even news. But the perspective of how it is written is quite appalling. This is only news because someone that our culture thinks is like a god is getting married – to who? Well she’s not American! And she’s really only important because she’s marrying someone we really care about.

When will we actually start caring about people because of the good they do in the world. I really hope Clooney doesn’t corrupt her.

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