My Faith As My Art

I am not much of an artist in the traditional sense.  I can’t draw, paint, sing, play or perform.  I lean to the analytical side of the spectrum and spend a good amount of time reading and thinking.

As I start to understand religion, faith, philosophy and those sorts of things, I’ve begun to see that what has evolved is an art piece that is a bit different.

Artists learn history, technique, style, form and with practice and discipline they develop their artwork.  They get better and better, their work looks more and more refined and they become more comfortable in their own skin.

All of my free time has been spent reading theology, philosophy and sociology.  I’ve spent hours thinking, exploring, challenging and changing my faith.  I’ve studied the traditions, the forefathers, the art pieces, the present incarnations and dialogue with others as they influence me one way or the other.

My faith in some ways is my creation, formed by my time and investment into understanding who Jesus is, what the Church is, what God is, what is meaningful, what is evil, what is right and wrong.  My faith is an assembly of all these things that has created an unique and particular expression.

I’m influenced by some traditions more heavily than others, and my style will take on specific characteristics by some of my idols of the faith.  As I try to live out my faith, the things I do and the words I say and the relationships I have all act as a canvas for the colours and lines and images that I paint.

So while I can’t hang my faith in a gallery, it is displayed for the world to see when they interact with me.  For better or worse, my faith is my artwork and it’s on display in the gallery of the world.  So I’ll continue to perfect it.  I’ll sharpen my love and peace.  As I look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, my faith will be on display to those around me as my art, without a price tag, as I stumble through my role as an artist learning the intricacies of my craft.

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  1. HI,
    Looking up info on Colossians, I came across your sermon from November 10, 2010. I am just writing to thank you for your clear and understanding message of Colossians. I have not been in a Bille study for a long while and your paper was of great help with my “homework”.

    Sending prayers for you & yours,
    Freda Guion ( in South Texas!!!)

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