Mike Bradley Is Digging A Hole

There was complaints about Mike Bradley (Sarnia’s mayor) conduct from the staff he works with.  An integrity commissioner was hired for approx $60,000.  The report was not very becoming of the mayor and it recommended docking pay.

Mayor Mike then publishes a letter.  Here he states that the integrity commissioner’s report was unfair, unnecessary and unhelpful.  He accuses:

There is a workplace policy in place to address issues when they occur, in a timely manner with a positive approach of resolution. Those who supported the punitive approach of the Integrity Commissioner are accountable for the $60,000-plus cost of the report.

The confusing part about this is that Dec 11, 2014, Mayor Mike made a notice of motion to

That Sarnia City Council request City Staff to prepare a report, to be returned back to City Council within 45 days, on the establishment of an Integrity Commissioner and a Code of Conduct for Sarnia City Council for implementation by no later than July 1st, 2015.

It’s also part of the city processes and policies that he help setup.

There is also this story about how Mike really wanted this commissioner.

Analogy Time:

Bobbie’s parents are hearing rumours that Bobbie has been cheating on his tests at school.  One day they ask Bobbie what a good process of discipline would be if he ever cheated at school.  Bobbie suggest two months of grounding and no allowance.  A few months later the parent’s find themselves in a parent/teacher meeting and find out that Bobbie has been cheating all year.  They go back to Bobbie and tell him that they are going to follow his recommendation for punishment.  Bobbie then begins a petition to his parents that they are being unfair, unhelpful and unnecessary with their verdict.

Mayor Mike is like Bobbie in case you didn’t pick that up.  Sucks when you are held accountable to your own suggestions and standards.

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