Church Series

Building Vs Growing A Church

Why do pastors so often treat congregations with the impatience and violence of developers building a shopping mall instead of the patient devotion of a farmer cultivating a field? The shopping mall will be abandoned in disrepair in fifty years; the field will be healthy and productive for another thousand if its mysteries are respected by …

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Churches Should Run Themselves

As theStory transitions away from having anyone at the reigns it allows us to practice and experiment with different ways of allowing the church to take on a life of its own. I’ve only ever really known church in a few limited fashions, mostly being operated and led by specific leaders (usually a very specific …

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The Church is Representative of the Non-Violent and yet Powerful Rule of Christ

We are starting a series in Ephesians which is always fun as I get to work my way through the commentaries of brilliant folks. I’m excited to get back into some Witherington, Fowl and Wright as we jump into this letter. I’m already falling in love with this process all over again. In the Witherington …

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Where Is the Church?

I don’t think we take the church nearly serious enough. Not even close. Church is still just a place we go to on Sundays to fulfill some sort of empty void that we only really know exists because we were born with that routine implanted in us as kids. Church is still just a room …

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Church: Where Children Fit

This week at theStory we spent some time talking about children and the role that they have in our community. It’s been something that lays heavily on our hearts because we don’t think that the church in general has been doing a very good job with them and we don’t think we are doing a …

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Church: More Like Shrek

We’ve been having a lot of struggles with children and how they fit into the overall picture of theStory. We value our children and we have made it the point publicly many times that we want to make sure children are treated and given attention just as much as the adults. I don’t think our …

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