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Dr Phil…

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I never thought I would ever start a blog with those words, but here we are a few days before the turn of the year and I’m starting it with those words. Brace yourself. Melissa, this post will be dedicated to you.

was on TV today and he was doing what he normally does. I wasn’t really watching it but it was on when I was over at Phil’s house (not Dr. Phil, but my friend Phil). I don’t really understand the context much but besides he was talking to a lady that wanted to be perfect and she could live with any imperfections. He started explaining how sometimes when the insides (internally) of our brains, hearts or whatever are messed up that we try to make up for it certain ways. The way many of us try to make up for our internal failures of order or perfection is to desperately try to order or make everything perfect outside of us (externally). When we can bring some kind of order externally, it brings us a small amount of peace internally.

I found this true in many circumstances. Mostly in the church. We are so busy trying to keep in order everything outside of the church (abortions, homosexuals, marital laws, politics) that we take all the focus of ourselves and try to bring peace or ease by bringing the things around us to order. It doesn’t work.

Maybe its time as the church and as Christians to focus on ourselves and allow God to change us instead of poking our fingers at everyone else trying to get them to change. Change doesn’t come by making everything like us so we feel better about how not good we are doing. It comes by being sanctified and becoming more like Christ.

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  1. Wow.. that was superb!! Couldn’t have put it in better words.. or whatever you wanna call it.
    Props for that one.. I saw that one show the other day also.. and it seems as though too many Christians do point the finger too much and what not..without knowing what is really going on..

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