Singing and then Singing Louder

For Christmas my lovely girlfriend Rachel recorded a song for me. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I’ve wanted to hear her voice for a long time now and I have never heard her really sing in public and she won’t sing to me, so this was an amazing gift. My best friend Darryl sings songs all the time to his girlfriend and I always made fun of him (more because it was awkward walking in on him when he was singing into the telephone). I realized tonight though after listening to Rachel’s song (listen to it by clicking on the link below) on repeat a few times how much I love to be sang too. So I decided to stop making fun of Darryl (about that, there is still plenty more to pick on).

I realized today that I have been surrounded by a lot of amazing singers all my life. My little sister made it on the top 100 of Canadian Idol last year, my mom has been singing all her life in bands and in weddings, my girlfriend is absolutely remarkable, my roommate writes and sings so good that it serenades me from the other room, my other friend Kevin has one of the best and smoothest voices that I know of and I know so many other people that sing that I would much rather listen to them than to half the other artists that are on the radio. I think everyone dreams at one time or another of having a voice like these people, or being some kind of rock star, or at the very least having the person in the pew in front of you turn around and say you have a nice voice (even if they are half deaf). We all want that spotlight, not because we want to be noticed but just usually because there is something about singing that is so beautiful that we just want to be part of it.

I think one of the things that I can learn from being around so many beautiful singers is to just shutup sometimes and enjoy what is around me. I don’t need to be a singer or center of attention; I can find and experience beauty in other voices and not just my own. I think this is a great lesson many of us can learn in more than just singing but in every walk of life. We don’t always need to accomplish what someone else accomplishes, or do what someone else does. We don’t need to match stories or awards. Why can’t we be content in the beauty that other people portray? We all notice that person that when someone tells a story they are somehow able to make the story about them within the next sentence. “Oh that happened to me once” (as the proceed with the story) or “That’s nothing, listen to this” or ” No No No…” and all of the other what about me conversation killers. Sometimes its just nice to bask in the beauty that radiates from others. Instead of trying to keep up, mimick or wish I was like someone I admire (not that that is always bad) I am first and foremost going to appreciate and admire what is happening to them and through them.

I was just kidding about downloading Rachel’s song because she would kill me if she ever saw it on here. Sorry Rachel that I made you mad at me until you got to this sentence.

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  1. Always a good word of wisdom from you my friend. I think you are right, my dad was mentioning today that when we think we don’t like someone – and we sort of need to for whatever reason – the best thing is to spend more time with them. Then you begin to realize what they’re interested in you’ll see some their skills, talents, etc. Um, I’m not sure that entirely has to do with what you’re saying but it sort of does – just appreciating people and all.
    So, kind of disappointed that there was no link at the bottom! haha. I thought, oh this will be interesting to hear. You’re a tease!
    Love from across the street buddy!

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