Haiti Relief 2010

Haiti Day 11 and 12

I will keep this collection of photos updated constantly here. A nurse here was telling a story of when she went grocery shopping with pastor, and how she was going from aisle to aisle picking out things she needed. He was standing at the edge, talking to employees, pointing at his watch and bored out …

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Haiti Day 8

nurse: we have a conference call with an organization tonight, is that ok for you to talk to them tonight? pastor: i still have my mouth, so i will talk to them. aid worker: what if we built the new houses with wood? pastor: wood houses eat trees, we will build them with stronger cement …

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Helpful Links on Haiti Aid

Humanitarian aid is something that has been going on for a long time.  Everyone seems to be involved with it for some reason or another.  Many people are involved in it for selfish reasons, and many have pure motives but will stick hurt things and others still may actually be helping.  The situation in Haiti …

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Haiti Day 4-5

Chris is blogging occasionally here if you want to read some from his perspective, he’s much more eloquent than I. Nurse: “How is Johnny.” Pastor #1: “Johnny is dead.” Pastor #2: “God is good.”  I don’t write that  to be crass.  We were sitting there at dinner with some new guests and they had just …

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Going to Haiti

An opportunity has presented itself to go to Haiti for a few weeks to work with Emmanuel International.  I am going alongside of my friend Chris Lewis who has been working closely with them over the last few years.  We’ll be working with different food distribution centers making sure everything is relegated properly and the …

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