Its 3:30 in the morning, Sat morning, Fri night, and I just finished watching the most drawn-out video ever, the Alamo, and then I got bored of it after a while and came on the computer, only to miss the climax, so now I even have a more distorted view of the movie. I liked the good ol’ Davey Crocket movies anyway, much more interesting.
Phil and Darryl are asleep on the bed, and I’m up staring at my screen because I drank have a 2L bottle of Pepsi in a matter of 5 minutes, which results in me not being tired at all.
I love my friends.
Phil and I have been best friends (and I mean attached to the hip) since I was four years old, and Darryl joined in Gr.9. It’s been amazing. I still thank God everyday that after public school, private schools, home schools, high schools, university, fianc├ęs, churches and everything I still want to fly to Halifax during my school year to see Phil.
We’ve shared all our dreams and yes even last night all three of us shared the same double bed. It was an experience that I never want to go through again. I was falling off between the crack between the mattress and the wall, Darryl had to put a pillow between him and Phil, and I’m sure Phil was just sprawled out in the middle just making himself comfortable.
I find it absolutely amazing that people can live their lives without solid friendships around him. Maybe it’s just my lack of character, but I don’t know where I’d be without these guys. Without them, there is no way that my life would be where it is today. I’d probably have at least 3 kids, with three different girls, and be working nights at a grocery store, stealing cigarettes and 0.5s. But no, life isn’t like that. Here I am with visions coming out of ever crevice in my body, and my friends back me up, my friends support me, my friends want to help.

It’s absolutely amazing I tell you. Get friends; get people that will stand beside you and behind you if you’re messing up or in your highest moments of glory. I’ve always told people that I like to surround myself with people better than I am, and I believe that I have lived up to that statement. I am only better off because of my friends, they bring me up whenever I am around them (except for Phil’s gambling problem, but that’s another entry j/k)

anyway, I was just in need for a little venting and telling you all about how awesome it is to have friends, friends that you can call friends no matter what and don’t leave after one tussle, and who aren’t always just using you. Friends that have never left. Cause a friend sticks closer than a brother.

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  1. Hey Nate. Im sitting in class mastering Outlook right now. Man do I have some cool things to show you. A good Blog on friendship to say the least. Friends are great BUT are very influencial (good or bad). Its awesome when you get a great selection of people surrounding you, lifting you up and guiding you in the direction you knew you had to take, but never thought possible. Yesterday was my Christian B day so that makes me 1 years old. I thank you very much for being so influencial in assisting me find Christ. I love everyday I am given and I know I am learning to live my life to the fullest. Thanks for being a great mentor and best of all: Friend. Later Ron

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