Some Clothing I Wear

There is a clothing company out there called Naive Clothing.
I havea few of their shirts, I got the at Cornerstone last year, and I was so impressed by the designs on them, it helped that they were selling them for 5 bucks. Other shirts of that quality cost up to 25 bucks.

I like their shirts because each of them have some sort of meaning behind them that you can read on their site, and the designs are current and my style.

Another clothing company I like is Epiphany Clothing (no relation to Epiphaneia). They make some really cool designs, they are a little less creative in the art speaks for itself catagory cause they have some Bible verses posted on their shirts but nevertheless the shirts are very stylish so I wear them. The Epiphaneia shirts that Darryl designed had the apostles creed on them, which gave it a really cool effect, I thought it really added to the shirt.

I never wore Christian attire in my life because it looked like crap. I don’t mind wearing something with a Christian message on it though if its at the very least well done.

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  1. Hey man,

    Looked for a direct email but couldn’t find one. Just wanted to say check out the new naive line. We have changed our manifesto around!

    hope to see you at cornerstone again!

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