Summer Officially Begins

I’m officially moved into the Pernell and Margie’s house. I’m really looking forward to this summer. They are a great family, with awesome kids and they are just so hospitable. I’ve already been invited to play at least seventy games of soccer with their kids and got to spend a little time chatting last night. The internet is up and running, soon my cell phone and Hamilton is slowly becoming my own.

A few things on my to-do-list this summer

1. Read at least half the books on my shelf I haven’t read yet
2. Plan, organize and run a church planting conference at the FRWY
3. Be around the leaders at the FRWY and help them wherever I can and glean (great word) as much as I can from them
4. Maybe give a bit of a sermon at the FRWY
5. Keep a journal of all my experiences, good and bad on this site
6. Increase my photography ability by 7 points
7. Anything else that I can do at the FRWY to get involved and help
8. Start the process to be an official Free Methodist pastor
9. Go to the zoo with Rachel
10. Go to Manitoulin Island with Rachel
11. Steal all Pernell and Margie’s wisdom on church planting and life
12. Design at least 6 websites for business’s in Sarnia
13. Launch theStory website
14. Not drink even one Pepsi
15. Find a volleyball league and enter it and try to win
16. Get at least 10 photos for sale on IStockPhoto
17. One is a secret
18. Go to Vegas with Nathan and Tom
19. Go to Cornerstone
20. Start paying off my freakin loans.

6 thoughts on “Summer Officially Begins”

  1. Nate,

    For the first time I agree with you without having to make a single qualification…Coke is unfit for human consumption.

  2. Its Martyrdom that’s worth taking
    I’m sorry you had to be faithful to something that has let so many down.

  3. I’m thinking that a couple of the first 19 things listed may put a serious hurt on your ability to make #20 happen.

  4. “Not drink even one Pepsi” – Welcome to the world of Coca-Cola!

    Great list; can’t wait to read about how the summer plays out.

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