The Apartment Disbanded

My roomate Nathan Shurr is doing a small series on our apartment. He just did a post about me. That was nice of him. The Apartment 109 website probably won’t be up for much longer, which makes us all sad, because we used it so much.

Jon got accepted into graphic design at Fanshawe and is starting his life up again in London, we are all so pumped for him.

Nathan Shurr is gone tree planting for the summer, we all think he’s crazy but that’s what love and money does to you.

Trevor moved back to Montreal where the hockey sucks but he will look to start his life with his lovely girlfriend and probably get involved in ministry somewhere, because he has graduated Tyndale, and that makes him feel awesome.

Darryl went back to Sarnia to get planting practice but not with churches but with trees working for a landscaping type company. He’s almost done his four year degree at Tyndale and is really just waiting for me to come home so he has someone to hang out with, hopefully he will blog more though.

I’ll miss it, more posts to come from Nathan I’m sure in the future and probably myself.

2 thoughts on “The Apartment Disbanded”

  1. nathan, i will miss you guys. hopefully you’ll be able to keep in contact with people when you leave, or we leave, and maybe even get to invite us to your new church that’s gonna happen in sarnia. see ya around buddy,
    andy martin

  2. I think if you were to put me on your blogroll you could put me under “Theology/Authors” in between McLaren and Sweet. Thanks man…I mean I knew that you would have thought of this on your own but I just thought that I would bring it up incase you didn’t.

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