Violence in the Hebrew Bible

In light of some discussion going on on the Resonate List, I posted my major paper for my Sex and Violence in the Hebrew Bible class. It helps bring light to the violence all through the Old Testament through the message of Jesus. Brian McLaren asked me to send it to him, so that was cool, he directed me to some sources for it, if you come across any errors make sure you point them out to me, don’t want to send bad grammar papers to a guy who has a PHD in English.

While after doing a lot of reading on the subject and honestly being disturbed by it I am far from understanding it, ESPECIALLY in the context of inerrancy, I feel at least somewhat at peace through it all. Walter Wink is a great one who really challenged me a lot and also Grant LeMarquand who e-mailed me a paper he wrote before it ever got published specifically for this paper.

If I was to write the paper again, which I probably will so I can
sleep better it would encomapss a lot more about how inerrancy fits
into the equation if at all, but the view I stood tried to hold the
integrity of the scriptures as much as possible, if your interested, I just uploaded it here. I think it encompasses more how I am able to be at peace with all the stories now rather than grasping the reasons for them. It’s not a major thesis or anything, about 15 pages or so.

Click here to read paper.

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