Links for June 07, 2006

So I stumbled across this website through a new blog I’ve been reading and I thought it was pretty funny.
The website is called Church Marketing sucks, and you assume that its a bash on that the church does marketing, but in fact its nothing of the sort. It’s simply about how church needs better marketing.

Two years ago I think I would have agreed. To a point I still do. Well I beleive that for the most part church in general sucks at art, and making themselves presentable. I’m not even talking about marketing, I’m just talking about being able to keep up a design face with the world around you (if that’s the route your church takes). I’d rather most churches just not market at all because its just that bad.
There was a spoof/fake article posted on an emergent website for April fools. It was about how emergents were evangelizing in the nude. However, some fundemenatlist picked it up somehow and thought it was real and started going off and using it as proof that emergent types were crazy liberal. This made me laugh out loud while sitting here by myself.
There is a blog that is gaining recognition circulating by a girl that posted on my website concerning that revival post that turned one too many heads. She started the blog and ever since she’s been only commenting on the revival, more specifically mostly talking about my article and her thoughts on it.
Joe bought a Mac. I don’t know how I feel about this. Well I do, but Joe won’t let me be real with my emotions and is trying to convince me to switch. I’ll admit, they look 100 times better than PC’s, that’s all I’ll give them though.
It’s Rachel’s parent’s 25th anniversary today.

4 thoughts on “Links for June 07, 2006”

  1. Everyone is a microsoft hater there days, although I will admit, Mr Gates has made it trickier for people to get pirated software there days, I am sure things will change when Visa comes out next year…. Give PRaise to Gates…. for he is the way and the light!

  2. common man…just switch…everyones doing it. you gotta love those new commercials…do you really want to be the man in the suit? common man…macs will make you cool.

  3. nate: i don’t expect you to understand, and i don’t hold anything against you. it’s not your fault…some of us are engineers, some artists. personally, i’d prefer to be included in the latter.

    and please don’t feel that you need to supress your emotions on my account. but i guess that’s the norm for your type…bottle it all up, go with the flow, keep to what you know and never venture into uncharted territory, villanize things you don’t understand. you’ll make a fine pentecostal some day… :)

  4. Hey, thanks for the mention.

    In response to your statement that you wish churches didn’t market because it’s just that bad, I usually take the position that marketing happens whether you plan for it or not. No matter how much thought or lack of thought you put into the bulletin, it’s still a marketing decision (even not having a bulletin is a marketing decision). It’s just a matter of doing lame, fake or poor marketing, or doing authentic, effective marketing.

    That’s my two cents.

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