Links for September 07, 2006

This trailer for an upcoming film called Jesus Camp freaks the hell out of me. Literally. What is going on? Why does it seem like the main message of this film is so different then the main message of Jesus. It’s stuff like this, that gives reason for my next post that has been brewing for some time on the evangelical church.
I don’t have a link, but I am hoping to have one. But the Sarnia Revival has been aired on 100 Huntly Street. A friend has it saved for me on their TV, so I’m hoping to somehow get it on the net, but I’m sure Bethel will beat me to it. So I’ll link to it when I see it, or if you know where I can find it, please send it my way.
Pernell offers a warning to wannabe church planters.
Joe posts about my awesome idea, but I guess Aaron used it to at Temple and now that he mentions it I think I remember a conversation along those lines, but either way he did it first and its a great way to be cheap and offer great printing at affordable prices. Anyone know of cheap places besides WalMart to print them?
I don’t think I will ever stop enjoying David Fitch’s posts his new one is great. Also, I had the pleasure to re-design his blog which should be up in a few days.
Mike Todd is good at this paraphrasing thing. Here he goes at another shot at Mark 10.

5 thoughts on “Links for September 07, 2006”

  1. try clubflyers.com.

    they’re cheap and have excellent quality. the only thing is the minimum quantitiy is, 5000. but its an option to have. 5,000 for $250 isn’t bad.

  2. Instead of Walmart (or Costco who’s quality is WAY better and cheaper) I use a photocopy shop (mine is copydog.ca – wonderful ma & pa shop that treats me like family). Costs me 39cents a letter size sheet for photo quality printing – and tehn I can always print in the black in just black and white (something like 5 cents a copy for that) – and I’m not bound to photo dimensions. I can get 4 postcards out of a letter size sheet, or do 3 or 4 long strips or something like that instead. And I’m supporting a local business owner.

  3. Hey, I’m Pentecostal and even I am disturbed by the trailer–even though I recognize some of these scenes from my own experience at the hands of summer camp directors.

    I’ll be catching a screening this weekened and posting my own observations later this week, if any of you are interested.



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