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Links for September 08, 2006

September 8, 20061

Margie Goodyear (the family I lived with in the summer) shares a remarkable story about the scratching noise we heard in her roof over the summer. I couldn’t believe it when I read it and I’m kinda freaked out now that it wasn’t just the mice that we thought it was. Wanna know what it was? Click here.
Phil Nellis, who designed the art I talked about a while back and whose website I just designed for his artwork that I loved so much, just added a fifth piece to his theological illustration series. He did it again. I love it.
Dan Kimball brings up something I’ve talked about with a few people now, and is also something that was brought up at Cultivate. Is Social Justice becoming a trendy topic? Just something cool to do to look like we are actually following Jesus?
One of my favorite lyric writers, Derek Webb, just put an entire album of his online for free. So go download it and be inspired and challenged. I did an interview with him and you can listen to that here.

Whenever you see that logo above, that means that its probably Friday and the links below it are part of The Daily Scribe Jamboree where we take some posts that we enjoyed from The Daily Scribe and link to them, they will be posts from all sorts of religions, faiths and philosophies and you’ll probably enjoy most of them, if you are really interested you should just keep up on The Daily Scribe yourself.

Brother Maynard with a summary of good info and helpful quotes on Emergence theory and the Emergent Church
One of my favourite things to read is when people take parables and then start asking questions and wondering why certain characters did certain things and sorting through them, the most interesting things end up turning up. Crooked Shore has an interesting look at Luke 19 and the Parable of the Minas.
Daniel Harper takes the seven principles of Unitarian Universalists and rewrites them a bit.
Do we really need to buy God’s Politics (which I happened to get for 2.50 at Value Village) to be a prophetic witness, Holly Hight challenges that idea in the latest Sojourners.
Conversion, what is a good, true religion, forced conversion to that religion? Camassia takes a look at some recent stories of forced conversations to Islam, and challenges Christian to have a stand in it.

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  • Nathan Shurr

    September 8, 2006 at 5:14 pm

    Very captivating hook on the “scratching on the roof” story. Made me take a closer look. You are a writer my friend. A writer!!!!!!

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